A Shepard Boy Grows Up to Be King

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Additional At Home Activities:  

Make a slide show!!!!  Take pictures of or find pictures of Faithfull Leaders in your community or people you see everyday (Minister, Firefighters, Mayor, Teachers, etc). First, as a Family, talk about what makes these people good leaders, Next, talk about what made David a good leader in our story for today, finally, compare what was said about all and discuss what all have in common or are the same good traits of a leader.  Make a slide show on your phone, tablet, or computer or attach these pictures to a board or large sheet of paper.  During this week watch the slide show or  look often at the pictures and think about the traits of a Good Leader in God’s eyes. What about YOU….. can you try to live your life so that you can be a Good and Faithful leader…. in whatever you do, REMEMBERING to put GOD FIRST???