During the last 18 months, we have seen a greater need to pay closer attention to members of our congregation and our families who experience illness and death. As Christians, we are in relationship with one another in every circumstance of our lives, particularly in times of distress. As a church family, we want to be available for those who are ill and those who are bereaved.

In order for the church to respond to these life challenges, we have to first vow to respect the privacy of members and their families. We will share information about illness and death in families only when the family has given permission to do so. To do otherwise would be disrespectful to the individual or to the family of one who is deceased.

Memorial Presbyterian Church has several ministries dedicated to congregational and community care. The Temporary Bridge Pastor, Rev. Shiple, The Deacon Board, the Elders on Session, the Congregational & Community Care Ministry Team, as well as the Clerk of Session all work to ensure that information about the sick and shut in and/or the death of a member or a member’s family is shared with the congregation with the family’s permission.

If you wish for information to be shared with the congregation related to your personal illness or the illness or death of a family member, please make the Clerk aware. In the event of a death, you or a family member, someone from the family is asked to inform the Clerk so that the information can be shared with the congregation.

You may reach the Clerk of Session at (704) 568-4114 or (704)617-4416(cell). Email me at mpc2600clerk@outlook.com.

Information will only be shared with permission granted by the person or a family member.

Joyce Cooke Woodard, Clerk of Session