This agreement is adapted with permission from the Pinnacle Group.

WE WILL: assume the best in one another and be patient with each other as we navigate a new reality;

WE WILL: register using EventBrite by 5:00pm on the Thursday prior to the Sunday worship service at,or

WE WILL: register by calling the Church at (704) 392-4752 by 5:00 on Thursday before service;

WE WILL: not come to church if we have symptoms;

WE WILL: adhere to current  CDC requirements for vaccination 

WE WILL: keep 6’ distance from those not in our families;

WE WILL: refrain from hugging and shaking hands;

WE WILL: wear fitting face masks covering the nose and mouth for all attendees over six years old; masks are mandatory in the building at all times;

WE WILL: observe the alternatives for collection of offering,and the observance of Communion;

WE WILL: follow the directions of the ushers as they lead us to our seats;

WE WILL: remain seated until we are dismissed by the ushers from our seats;

WE WILL: use the designated door for entry and the other designated door for exiting the sanctuary;  and,

WE WILL: stay flexible in order to respond to the nature of the pandemic.