Presbyterian Women


 Memorial PW observes The Presbyterian Women’s Purpose by nurturing our faith through prayer and Bible study.

With this purpose in mind, we participate in other church projects, give to organizations who provide for food insecurities in our community and we hold a Wellness Project for the girls at West Charlotte High School. We are also involved in an international project collecting used prescription eyewear and monetary donations for the people of rural Ghana. These projects are hosted year round by our PW, as we seek God’s guidance in all that we do.

Presbyterian Women Vision Project

A Prescription for Possibility


“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

     As the hands and feet and eyes of Christ, we are called to help God’s children live an abundant life.

     Kwame Amanfoh, a technologist at the Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Center and founder of Victory Vision Care, responds to Christ’s call of abundance by providing free eyecare services twice each year to Ghana’s rural poor.

    The Presbyterian Women Organization of Memorial is grateful for the blessing to help support Mr. Amanfoh’s ministry by collecting gently-used prescription eyewear.

     Once again, please take a moment and collect your gently used prescription eyewear and bring to Church beginning February through June 2021.  Your old glasses may no longer serve your vision needs but they will truly transform the life of someone an ocean away.  Consider your gift a prescription of possibility, a prescription that makes possible a fuller, abundant life, a life of work, education and enjoyment.

     Your gift today of your old prescription eyewear and/or your financial contribution will bring clearer vision to sisters and brothers an ocean away.

Women's Day 2020


Presbyterian Women give generously, this tradition has continued for more than 200 years. Presbyterian Women answer in abundance with time, talent and treasure to the needs and activities to which we are called. Even in the most challenging times we respond in grace and with enthusiasm. Presbyterian Women show that we care in tangible ways through Celebration Giving. Celebration Giving includes Pw’s Mission Pledge, the Birthday Offering, Thank Offering, Honorary Life Membership, and memorial or recognition gifts. Presbyterian Women also participate in other giving opportunities such as Together in Service, the Fellowship of the Least Coin, Widening the Circle Endowment Fund and Mission Matters.

Presbyterian Women are also involved in programs that advocate for justice and peace, including hunger, racism, and domestic violence. Presbyterian Women affirms that advocacy on issues of justice and peace is part of living out one’s faith. Scripture as well church documents and statements call us to be involved in working for justice and peace for all of God’s people.

Presbyterian Women support the following advocacy offices of the Presbyterian Church for justice and peace to remain true to the PW Purpose. They are: Mission Responsibility Through Investment, Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association, Presbyterian Hunger Program, Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, Presbyterian United Nations Office, Presbyterian Washington Office, Church World Service, Children’s Defense Fund, ECPAT-USA (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes-USA. Presbyterian Women also support the initiative to end human trafficking.



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Presbyterian Women also publish a magazine, Horizons for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). This magazine provides information, inspiration, and education from the perspective of women who are committed to Christ, the church and faithful discipleship. Horizons bring current issues dealing with family life, the mission of the church and the challenges of culture and society to its readers. Interviews, feature articles, Bible study resources and departments offer help and insight for up-to-date, day –to-day concerns of the church and individual Christians.

The Bible study is produced every year for individual or small- group study. Written by leading theologians and Pastors in the Reformed tradition, it provides contemporary research and background information along with probing questions for what the texts have to say to us today. The publications produced by Horizons follow a 130 year tradition of publishing by women in the Presbyterian Church.

Presbyterian Women is an independent organization within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) of more than 300,000 women. The programming and resource options for the organization offer a variety of ways for women to live out their faith in an inclusive, caring community.