Youth Ministry

We at Memorial Presbyterian Church are committed to providing programs and activities that focus on the spiritual and social development of our children and youth. In our Christian Education Mission Statement we say, “It is our goal to bring children and youth into a nurturing and caring extended church family which is the body of Christ”. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Sunday School and the other educational activities and events help our children and youth develop their faith and help them express their faith through life and worship.

Sunday School is provided for our children (ages 3rd– 5th grade) each Sunday. Each quarter the children are taught lessons that focus on various people of the Bible and their experiences that demonstrate faith in God and trust in Jesus Christ. The children participate in art, music, drama, and team projects that enhance their learning experiences.

Our youth are divided into two groups. Junior Youth (grades 6-8) and Senior
Youth (grades 9-12). Each of the groups are taught, using age appropriate materials, that guide them in applying faith and Christian living in their daily lives. Senior and junior youth have class two Sundays per month and attend worship service two Sundays per month. The youth groups lead service each fifth Sunday.

Our children and youth also carry out Mission projects. Activities are planned for the children and youth that are designed to let them have “fun” with each other.